Dried Persimmon, 100 g

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Persimmon is a great treat - try it yourself and get excited!


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Persimmon is a great treat - try it yourself and get excited!

Organic, dried persimmon fruit comes from sunny Andalusia, Spain. What's a persimmon? Persimmon, sharon and persimmon are all fruits of the same variety - the name given to the fruit depends on where it was grown. Persimmons come from Spain. Of these varieties, the Spanish, soft-flavoured persimmon is the largest in size. Dried persimmons are a delicious, mild-tasting nibble that will make your sweet tooth disappear in a very healthy way. Hola desde España! Now you can be enchanted by the most glorious fruits of Aduki's wonderful, organic Spanish project! This product is the fruit of Aduki's wonderful collaboration with small Spanish farms and small producers. This Spanish Aduki product comes directly from farms and small businesses, without any middle hands - fresh, ripened under the Spanish sun and always picked from the freshest harvest. And always organic, of course! With organic sales becoming a major commercial player, Aduki wanted to move away from mass production and seek out smaller producers. Farmers were found who, with decades of skill and passion, grow and produce their own produce, usually in a family business where these skills are passed down from generation to generation. Aduki's small-scale producer range currently includes organic nuts, almonds, a variety of beans (dried and canned), dried Malaga miniature 'calabacita' figs, peaches, pears, persimmons, saffron, garlic, peppers and jams. Most of the products are hand-packed in Helsinki, Finland. They like the idea: made by human hands! These products come from small rural and mountain villages all over Spain. Spain is a big country with beautiful mountain ranges, natural parks, pure nature, charming little villages and lots of sunshine! Aduki is proud to be able to bring these great products to the customers, with genuine flavour and produced with a big heart! Come and join in and taste the glorious delicacies!

Organic persimmon

Nutrition / 100 g: Energy 274 kcal / 1164.11 KJ Fat 0.59 g of which saturated 0.11 g Protein 1.38 g Carbohydrates 73.43 g of which sugars 0.02 g Dietary fiber 14.5 g Salt 0 g

  • Origin Spain
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