Licorice Root Extract Powder, organic, 200 g

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Licorice root, grown on a small Spanish farm, makes your taste buds vibrate - and at the same time deliciously supports your health. Known as the supreme friend of digestion, licorice root boosts your resistance and also does super good for breathing airways. Grab one and fall in love yourself!


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Arriving directly from a Spanish farm to Helsinki, the wonderfully sweet licorice root powder is a deliciously tasty and versatile herb that has been used for both sweetening and health-promoting purposes for thousands of years. Licorice root improves digestion, has a beneficial effect on skin and bone health, provides energy, and does good for the urinary and respiratory system. As an extract powder, the properties of licorice are in a strong and easy-to-use form. Licorice root has a slightly bitter and naturally sweet taste. People with high blood pressure should avoid excessive use of the product. Gluten-free, milk-free, vegan, GMO-free. Does not contain additives or preservatives.


Health claims based on EFSA:
M-2008-1061 2846 - Glycyrrhiza glabra ROOT - Skin
M-2008-1061 3769 - Glycyrrhiza glabra - common name : Licorice - Digestion
M-2008-1061 4050 - Glycyrrhiza glabra ROOT - Respiratory
M-2008-1061 4051 - Glycyrrhiza glabra ROOT - Mental
M-2008-1061 4052 - Glycyrrhiza glabra ROOT - Digestion
M-2008-1061 4053 - Glycyrrhiza glabra ROOT - Immunity. Antioxidant
M-2008-1061 4054 - Glycyrrhiza glabra ROOT - Energy
M-2008-1061 4055 - Glycyrrhiza glabra ROOT - Genitourinary
M-2008-1061 4056 - Glycyrrhiza glabra ROOT - Joints & bones

Organic liquerice root

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