Mulberries, black, 500 g

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Black mulberries boost your health!


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Black mulberries boost your health!

Aduki, Mulberries, black, 500 g. Black mulberries (Morus nigra) are like little candies full of antioxidants and other health pluses! Black mulberries can be good, e.g., to support the blood sugar balance. Black mulberries also contribute to physical well-being overall!

Black mulberries are a more exotic variant of normal golden brown mulberries. Black mulberries grow in western Asia and have been known in Chinese folk medicine for thousands of years. Due to their darker color, they are also richer in antioxidants and contain the well-known health substance resveratrol, which we know from, e.g., red wine.

Eat black mulberries as they are or mix with granola, porridge, or yogurt. Try your favorite raw chocolate recipes or baking. Black mulberries are slightly more sour than the golden brown variety, and they also go well with regular caramel-tasting mulberries as part of snack mixes, etc.

Health claims / EFSA:

M-2008-1061 3456 - MORUS NIGRA L. - Antioxidant, can protect cells and tissues against oxidative damage.

M-2008-1061 3457 - MORUS NIGRA L. - Contributes to maintain a healthy blood sugar level.

M-2008-1061 3458 - MORUS NIGRA L. - Contributes to physical well-being.


* = organic.

Nutritional content/100g:

Energy 285kcal

Protein 3.4 g

Carbohydrates 65.1 g

of which sugars 53 g

Fat 2.6 g

of which saturated <0.01 g

Fiber 11.3g

Salt 0.1 g

  • Origin Turkey
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