Pecan nuts, 200 g

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Tasty and aromatic pecan!


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Tasty and aromatic pecan!

This organic pecan is a tasty and aromatic, rather mild-tasting nut that is truly true to health when flooded. Sophisticated, highly valued pecans, like other nuts, can be used in baking, smoothies, or salads, for example. Of course, they taste delicious as well.

Ingredients: Pecan nuts* * = organic.

Nutritional content/100g: Energy 2902 Kj / 691 Kcal Protein 9.2g Fat 4.3g Dietary fiber 9.6g Salt 0

  • Origin Australia
  • EAN: 6430013861512
  • SKU: ADUKI-6430013861512

"Well, aren´t these some delicious nuts! Workes well with dried dates and greek style yogurt and honey."

- Hanna H