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Stevia powder is 30 times sweeter than sugar!


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Stevia powder is 30 times sweeter than sugar!

In the Stevia plant, the sweetness is focused on the leaves, which are offered here as organic leaf powder kitchen delight. Dried and ground stevia leaves are great for sweetening tea.

Stevia leaf powder can be used to sweeten a variety of drinks, desserts, or pastries.

Stevia is much sweeter than sugar and should be used in moderation. Notice that dried stevia leaves are about 30 times sweeter than sugar.

Please note that stevia does not act like sugar as a "food" for yeast.

It does not completely replace traditional sugars in pastries. When heated, stevia also does not get brown, like sugars.

Stevia improves the flavors of drinks and food. That's why it can be added to other sweeteners (like honey or syrups), which means less need for other sweeteners.

Stevia is carbohydrate-free, which is why it’s perfect for carbohydrate-free diets.

Stevia’s sweetening properties were discovered by indigenous peoples in South America more than a thousand years ago. The Guarani Indians have sweetened their Mate drink with stevia and also used it in herbal medicine. Since then, stevia has been used extensively in Japan, China, and Brazil. In Japan, it accounts for 40% of the sweetener market, and in the United States for more than 20%.

The stevia plant gets its sweetness from compounds called steviol glycosides. The sweetest of these glycosides is Rebaudioside A, Reb-A.

Organic stevia

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