Aromastick® Balance - natural inhaler

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A harmonizing scent to help you maintain inner balance. With wonderful essential oils to bring your senses equilibrium!


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Harmonizing scent for balance!

Aromastick perfume stick, Balance. Essential oils in a handy stick for inhaling. The Balance stick is ideal for sniffing whenever you need a little balance to your day and to strengthen your inner equilibrium.

This great stress reliever is made with peppermint, cypress, turmeric and ginger oils, all organic of course!

According to research, inhaling the Balance scented stick reduces the production of the stress hormone cortisol while increasing levels of serotonin, also known as the happiness hormone!

What makes Aromastick® unique?

Aromastick inhalers are filled with 100% certified organic essential oils. The patented Aromastick is 300% more effective than traditional aromatherapy. Numerous studies have been published on its effects.

Peppermint*, cypress*, geranium* and ginger oil* *Organic

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"Daily aromatherapy for everybody with the convenient handy pocket size form!"

- Maria