Room air freshener, eucalyptus and lavender, 227 g

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Gives your bathroom a wonderfully fresh smell!


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Gives your bathroom a wonderfully fresh smell!

A wonderful eucalyptus and lavender scent, together with activated charcoal, freshens the room air and removes annoying odors.

Attitude products are based on "Worry-Free Ingredients, "i.e., ingredients that are kind to both you and the environment. The series is manufactured in Canada and consists of certified, organic detergents and skincare products for the whole family. Attitude binds to vegan and natural ingredients and hypoallergenic products. The products never contain mutagens, carcinogens, or toxins. The products are tested in external laboratories, have North America's most appreciated environmental certificates. The compositions contain only fragrances of natural origin. The packaging materials are reusable.

Water, Activated Charcoal, Sodium Stearate, Pure Essential Oils

  • Origin Canada
  • EAN: 626232552287
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