Incense, Lemongrass, 20 g

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Enjoy a summer evening with the uplifting scent of wonderfully fresh essential oils without attracting crowds of mosquito!


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A lovely, peaceful summer evening in a fresh feelgood scent!

Incense, Lemongrass, 20 g. A lovely, peaceful, slowly darkening summer evening in a fresh, good-for-you fragrance!

Lemongrass has its own distinctive citrusy herbaceous scent. This delicious incense is made from lemongrass essential oil with orange and lemon essential oils. The end result is a wonderfully uplifting stimulating scent. Lemongrass is often used as an air freshener.

In addition to their fresh fragrance, the essential oils of incense have aroma-therapeutic properties and, best of all for summer evenings, they do not attract the unpleasantly squeaky mosquito.

Lemongrass strengthens concentration and clears thoughts, bringing energy.

The scent of orange is relaxing and uplifting, reducing nervousness.

The essential oil of lemon has a beneficial effect on work performance by helping to focus concentration and stimulating the intellect.
  • Origin India
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