Saffron & Cardamom Delight Tea, 38 g

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20 tea bags

Ayurvedic tea that balances the doshas.


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Sweet saffron and charming cardamom!

Saffron is one of the most valuable and sought-after spices in the world, and combined with the uplifting aroma of cardamom, it tastes amazingly good! The sweetness of the herbal tea is brought by fennel, while the warmth is added by cinnamon, cloves and ginger. This blend will help balance your doshas, recharge and rejuvenate throughout the day.

Ayurveda Pura Saffron & Cardamom Tea is an organic delight. The packet contains 20 tea bags which are completely plastic-free and staple-free.

Use:Simmer the tea in 250 ml of boiled water (100 degrees) and infuse for 6 minutes. Take a deep breath and enjoy in good spirits.

Storage: In a cool, dry and dark place out of reach of small children.

Ingredients: Fennel Seeds*, Cinnamon*, Cardamom* (21%), Ginger*, Cloves*, Saffron Flower* (0,5%). *Organically grown

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