Bee's Wrap

Reusable Food Wrap, Single Medium

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Organic wrap replaces the plastic ones. An enduring kitchen companion for you!


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Organic wrap replaces the plastic ones

Reusable food wrap made of beeswax is an environmentally friendly alternative to plastic wraps.

Soften the wrap in the heat of your hands and wrap it tightly around the product to be preserved.

Wash the wrap with cool water after use and use again!

So wrap bread, cheese or vegetables in beeswax cheerfully!

The pack contains one medium-sized (25.40 cm x 27.94 cm) wrap.

NOTE! Do not wash in hot water otherwise, the beeswax will come off and the product will no longer work.

  • Origin United States of America
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"This wrap is a handy way to pack up snacks for work or a trip. You can use this many times! It won´t let the scents go through."

- Mirde