Bee's Wrap

Reusable Food Wrap, Single Roll, XL

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The more the merrier and buzzing! Reusable, washable, excellent for storage!


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A whole roll of beeswax wrap!

From the Bee's Wrap roll, you can cut a suitably sized piece into which you wrap sandwiches, bread, vegetables, fruit halves, cheeses, or whatever you come up with. The time of the plastic film is already over and the storage wrap made of beeswax beats the plastic film by at least 6-0.

The size of the roll wax fabric is 35.5 x 132cm.

NOTE! Do not wash in hot water otherwise, the beeswax will come off and the product will no longer work.

The material used to make this beeswax film is GOTS-certified organic cotton, beeswax produced only in certified bee farms, organic jojoba oil and wood resin.
  • Origin United States of America
  • EAN: 854016005463
  • SKU: BEESWR-854016005463