White Coconut Chocolate Nibs, 70 g

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White Coconut Chocolate Nibs for a feel-good treat!


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The Vegan Society

Vegan white chocolate is a feel-good treat!

A new chocolate treat wants a new home - could it be the one to delight your taste buds?

Benjamissimo vegan coconut chocolate is a mouth-watering treat that contains at least 35% cocoa. This hefty chocolate is enriched with cocoa nibs, which together with the creamy, rich coconut chocolate create a wonderful union that won't be easily broken! Try it - and really like it!

Storage: Store in a dry place at room temperature.

Organic Benjamissimo chocolate really get your taste buds tingling! All the chocolates in the range are vegan temptations that you can enjoy with a smile on your face. Try and love them!

PS: This chocolate dream may contain traces of hazelnut, cashew nut and strawberry.
Raw cane sugar*, cocoa butter*, coconut cream* (11%), almond protein powder* (10%),
  • Origin Bulgaria
  • EAN: 3800500043333
  • SKU: BENJAM-3800500043333