Vitamin D3 100 ug, 90 caps, Vegan

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Wonderful, the crispness of autumn and the blast of winter are approaching! Vitamin D is worth popping all year round, but now is as good to start if you've forgotten!


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Vitamin D from algae.

Bertil´s Health - Valioravinto, Herbal Vitamin D3 100 ug, 90 tabl. Vitamin D is already a familiar thing, and even though the summers seem to be getting longer and longer, we Finns still have plenty of lightless days ahead of us!

Best of all, it is a completely plant-based vitamin D3, the source of which is algae! Vitamin D3 isolated from algae has an identical structure, the same highly absorbable cholecalciferol as traditional sheep-derived vitamin D3. The 100 µg tablets are neutral-tasting, unsweetened tablets that are quite easy to swallow or chew.
Filler cellulose powder, maltodextrin, corn starch, vegan cholecalciferol 17% (non-EU), emulsifier, magnesium salts of fatty acids.
  • Origin Finland
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