Argan oil, 100 ml

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Argan oil to increase internal and external beauty! Try and make a difference!


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Argan oil to increase internal and external beauty!

Organic and cold-pressed argan oil from the UNESCO Biosphere Reserve in Morocco for both cosmetic and cooking use.

In addition, it’s also great for dishes, bringing them a genuine sweet and nutty taste. It's known in the world as a real gourmet oil!

It contains more than 80% unsaturated fatty acids, mainly oleic and linoleic acids. It also contains a plenty of natural antioxidants.

Bio Planete, along with its partner, is involved in promoting argan tree cultivation and increasing reforestation, as it´s a great natural protection against desertification. At the same time, local Berber women are employed and their livelihoods are secured.

Argan tree nuts are peeled by hand and then gently pressed into oil.

Try now and make a difference!

Ingredients: cold pressed virgin olive oil

  • Origin Morocco
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