Olive oil (extra virgin), 1000 ml

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A long-lasting and versatile high-quality organic oil!


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A long-lasting and versatile high-quality organic oil!

Bio Planet Extra Virgin Olive Oil This olive oil has a very soft and mild taste. The oil is also suitable for frying.

Usage - Suggestions: - As a salad dressing - As a spice in various dishes, to fill and soften the taste - In bread/roll, the dough - With pasta - With white bread

Storage: Store olive oil protected from light and heat, for example in the pantry. Use within 1-2 months of opening to retain its flavor and nutrients.

Extra virgin olive oil

Average fatty acid composition per 100g: — saturated: 17 g — monounsaturates: 68 g — polyunsaturated: ‘15 g (— of which omega-6: 14 g and omega-3: 1 g) Vitamin E (alpha-tocopherol): 20 mg

  • Origin Tunisia
  • EAN: 3445020223508
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