Lingonberry juice mouthwash 120 ml

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Biomed's Lingonberry mouthwash is developed by a dentist for the well-being of the mouth and teeth.


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Fermented lingonberry juice mouthwash takes care of your mouth!

"Mouthwash for balancing oral microbes. Additive-free and pasteurized mouthwash is made from Finnish lingonberry juice concentrate. Long-term fermentation with a patented method removes natural sugars from the juice and forms an optimal composition for oral health. Package includes a measuring cup. 

• Developed by a dentist and clinically tested

• Prevents the growth of Candida yeasts and Streptococcus mutans bacteria

• Reduces the risk of caries, gingivitis and the amount of plaque

• Eases the problem of dry mouth significantly by increasing saliva production

• Contains natural lingonberry anthocyanins and polyphenols"

Ingredients: Water, Finnish lingonberry, yeast. Fermented. Alcohol < 0,5 %

  • Origin Finland
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