Bokashi Organko kitchen composter, 16 L

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The convenient Bokashi Orango kitchen composter includes accessories and instructions for home composting, so that you can turn your bio-waste into soil right in your own kitchen!


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Compost in the comfort of your kitchen!

The BioProffa Bokashi Organko kitchen composter set includes a black 16 L kitchen composter, 600 g of bokashi bran, a green lid, tap, strainer, spatula, powder dosing scoop, liquid drainage cup and instructions. 

Bokashi kitchen composting is an easy way to recycle bio-waste in a responsible way and capture important nutrients. Using living micro-organisms (EM) from ordinary kitchen waste such as vegetables, greens, fish, etc., you can quickly create nutrient-rich soil for the garden and food crops with almost no carbon footprint.

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