BYBI Beauty Glowcurrant Booster, 15 ml

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BYBI Beauty Glowcurrant Booster is the first carbon-negative skincare product that gives your skin a stunning glow with the power of white willow and blackcurrant oil. Your skin will love the vitamins and rich fatty acids this facial oil contains. Best of all, the facial oil is eco-friendly which warms the heart, but not the planet!


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BYBI Beauty Glowcurrant Booster makes your skin glow and lifts your spirits!

BYBI Beauty Glowcurrant Booster is the world’s first carbon-negative skincare product*.

Say goodbye to dull and tired skin with this brightening blackcurrant booster that generously gives your skin the natural life force it needs!

Best of all, this eco-friendly face oil warms the heart, but not the planet! Developed according to the principles of the circular economy, Glowcurrant booster's skin-nourishing ingredients are 87% by-products of the juice industry, sourced locally. The serum is produced using solar energy, using ingredients that already have a low carbon footprint. In addition, the manufacturing of the product binds carbon. The packaging of the product is environmentally friendly, from the compostable cork to the sugar cane jar. For every kilo of sugar cane grown, three kilos of carbon are sequestered in the atmosphere!

BYBI Beauty Glowcurrant Booster is a powerful facial oil that helps to brighten, nourish and moisturise the skin. Rich in salicin, vitamins, and fatty acids, it helps create a brighter, smoother, glowing complexion.

93% of people agreed that Glowcurrant Booster left their skin feeling hydrated after use. 82% agreed it looked radiant.

Natural ● Vegan ● Cruelty-Free ● Carbon Neutral

*Due to its unique, first-to-market production methods. Glowcurrant Booster’s carbon footprint is negative because it is made using low-carbon ingredients and sequesters carbon throughout its supply chain from cradle to gate. It does not rely on or involve any carbon offsetting.

Ribes Nigrum (Black Currant) Seed Oil, Camelina Sativa Seed Oil, Salix Alba Bark Extract

  • Origin United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
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