Lemon Lemongrass Vitalising Body Oil, 75 ml

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Fresh skin oil against cellulite


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Fresh skin oil against cellulite

Who wouldn't want smooth and supple skin? Cellulite can only be fought with a holistic treatment program, which can start by stimulating blood circulation in the area to be treated. A regular massage with a fresh fruity Lemon-Lemongrass Body Oil may help.

The oil contains ingredients such as jojoba oil, lemon peel, mistletoe, horsetail and lemongrass, which together help to firm the skin and strengthen the connective tissue. A light diet and cutting down on sugar will also help discourage cellulite, as will regular exercise.

Use: After a shower or bath, apply the oil to damp skin while still damp for best penetration. The water-oil emulsion that forms is easily absorbed and maintains the skin's moisture balance. In addition to the Lemon-Lemongrass Body Oil massage, Lemon Spray Oil can also be used to prevent cellulite. To improve circulation, end the bath or shower with a cold rinse or gentle brush massage with Lemon Bath Oil.
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