Whitening Toothpaste for Sensitive Teeth, Sensitive Whitening Omyadent®, 100 ml

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Sensitive Whitening Omyadent® gives a breathtakingly bright smile for sensitive teeth!

"Extra gentle, yet super effective

Your sensitive teeth deserve the best care in the world. This exclusive whitening toothpaste, with Minty Grapefruit + Omyadent®, has been formulated to be extra gentle, yet super effective. With an RDA value of 50, it’s low abrasive and perfect for those with sensitive teeth or porcelain veneers. It also strengthens teeth and gums, protects enamel and actively battles plaque and tartar formation. All with an exquisite freshness.


Fluoride free.





Children of 6 years and younger: Use a pea sized amount for supervised brushing to minimize swallowing. In case of intake of fluoride from other sources consult a dentist or doctor."

Glycerin*, Aqua*, Hydrated Silica*, Potassium Nitrate, Hydroxyapatite*, Calcium Carbonate*, Sodium Cocoyl Glutamate*, Flavour (Benzyl Alcohol, Limonene), Cellulose Gum*, Xanthan Gum*, Xylitol*, Mentha Piperita Oil*, Mentha Arvensis Herb Oil*.

  • Origin Lithuania
  • EAN: 4770001003206
  • SKU: ECODEN-4770001003206