Bath & Shower Glove, Washing Glove 2 Pcs

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A lightly exfoliating choice!


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A lightly exfoliating choice!

A mildly exfoliating and gently cleansing wash glove made of recycled materials for the sauna or shower!

This product is made of recycled PET plastic and can be recycled in plastic recycling after use.

Test and fall in love!

All EcoTools products are Cruelty-Free (PETA certified) and vegan. The so-called wooden parts in the products are bamboo (one of the fastest renewable plants in the world) and the metal and plastic parts are made from recycled and re-recyclable materials.

The aim is to use as little plastic as possible in the packaging, and many packages are completely plastic-free. The material of EcoTools brushes and bath products is FSC-certified paper, recycled plastic and texts printed with soy ink.
  • Origin China
  • EAN: 079625074239
  • SKU: ECOTO-0079625074239