Cleansing Mitt

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Cleansing mitt is a great washing companion for shower!


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A great washing companion for shower!

A cleansing mitt that fits comfortably in the hand. An effective, easy-to-use wash mitt that cleanses and exfoliates body skin in the blink of an eye with soap and water. Comes with a hanging loop for easy storage. Try it and love it forever! EcoTools makes beautiful, high-quality and practical make-up brushes and other wonderful products for pampering your face and body. The brushes are made from synthetic taconite, the same material used by many professional make-up artists. The 100% vegan brushes are made from recycled aluminium and bamboo in addition to taclone. All other materials used by EcoTools are made from recycled materials, right down to the packaging.

  • Origin China
  • EAN: 079625227154
  • SKU: ECOTO-079625227154