Dry Body Brush

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Simple way to get rid of cellulite! What´s the point of dry rubbing? By dry brushing your body, you help your body's circulation, and skin will start to reform.


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Bye-bye cellulite! I won't miss you!

Ecotools, Dry Body Brush feels pleasant and convenient to hold. When you do a dry rub on your skin, it increases blood circulation, and the metabolic waste runs out faster!

Take this dry rubbing one part of your beauty routine, and you start to see how your skin becomes beautiful and smooth.

A good time to rub is before you go to shower. Start to scratch from the outer parts of your body and head towards the heart. 

Ecotools manufactures ecological beautiful, high-quality, and practical makeup brushes and other pampering products. Ecotools materials contain recyclable aluminum and bamboo. Ecotools packaging materials are also recyclable.

Wood and synthetic bristles. Vegan and cruelty free.

  • Origin China
  • EAN: 079625074253
  • SKU: ECOTO-079625074253

"A firm yet gentle drybrush is designed well so I can get a good grip on it."

- Venla

"This brush has perfectly firm bristles and yet gently. It leaves soft skin and boosts up the blood circulation. I use this once a week as my selfcare routine."

- Annina

"Handy round shape gives a good grip! Effective alternative for body scrub."

- Mariele