Full Powder Brush

Full Powder Brush

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The secret to a beautiful face!


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The secret to a beautiful face!v

Highly dense and super soft powder brush for finishing your makeup!

A beautiful matte finish for your makeup. Apply the powder in a circular motion on your face, starting from the middle of the face and working your way to the sides.

Get a beautiful look in a snap!

EcoTools produces beautiful, high-quality and practical makeup brushes and other wonderful products for pampering your face and body. The brushes are made from synthetic taklon, the same material used by many professional make-up artists. The 100% vegan brushes are made from recycled aluminium and bamboo in addition to taclone. All other materials used by EcoTools are made from recycled materials, all the way to the packaging.

EcoTools brushes have a synthetic and very soft brush part that is suitable for vegans. The handle section is made of ecological and fast-growing bamboo, the metal parts are made of recycled aluminum. All prints are made with soy ink. When properly cared for, the brush is very durable.

  • Origin China
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