Textured Facial Roller

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Use the knobby massage roller with your favourite products - oil, serum or moisturiser underneath and get rolling!


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The massage roller with knobs that allow facial products to be absorbed beautifully

Facial Massage Roller's massage pads help skincare products to absorb into the skin and gently massage the face while stimulating hydration.

Use in combination with your favourite moisturiser or face oil, rolling from the centre of the face towards the hairline to cover the entire face.

You can also use the roller with a sheet mask.

As an added bonus, the Ecotools packaging contains flower seeds: if you dig the packaging into the ground, it will start a new life in the form of flowers. Here's how: remove the plastic part of the packaging, dig the biodegradable packaging into the ground and wait for the little seeds in the cardboard packaging to grow into beautiful flowers. The seeds are chrysanthemum and wild poppy seeds.

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