Edamame-mung bean fettucine-beanpasta, 200 g

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Nutritious choice for yummy times!

These bean pastas were chosen as the best food products in Ruohonjuuri in 2015! The jury justified its choice as follows: “A nutritious, delicious and multi-diet, gluten-free, vegan and protein-rich pasta from which healthy meals are prepared quickly. Innovative and smart food.
The organic quality fettucine made from edamame and mung beans from the Explore Asian series is an amazingly tasty, really nutritious bean paste, where you can quickly get a wonderful dinner or unique everyday food!
Vegan, gluten free, additive free - and really tasty. This pasta is a smart choice! Explore Asian pastas are a delicately delicious, completely new way to enjoy pasta - even healthier and very delicious! The organic fettuccines and spaghetti from the Explore Asian series are quite innovative, organic bean pastas that make your taste buds ring. The great-tasting bean pastes are high in protein, minerals and fiber. They are a healthy choice to put on a pasta lover's plate. Organic bean pastas are suitable for most people because they are gluten-free, vegan and do not contain eggs. The carbohydrates in bean pasta are slow, and the protein and fiber keep you saturated for a long time.
Here's how to make bean pastas: Add the pasta to plenty of boiling salted water and let it simmer for 6-8 minutes. Serve with a good sauce, grated parmesan or pesto topping. Test yourself and get excited!

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