Green lentil lasagna sheets, 250 g

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Cook something delicious out of gluten-free Green lentil lasagna sheets.


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The Vegan Society

A great ingredient for gluten-free lasagna!

A nutritious, delicious and multi-diet, gluten-free, vegan and protein-rich pasta from which healthy meals are prepared quickly.

Innovative and smart food.

Vegan, gluten free, additive free - and really tasty.

This pasta is a smart choice!

The great-tasting lasagna pasta is high in protein, minerals, and fiber.

Ingredients: green lentil flour* (50%), green pea flour*, brown rice flour*. * = organic. Nutrient content / 100g: 339kcal (1436kJ) Fat 2.3g of which saturated 0.5g Carbohydrate 56g of which sugars 1.4g Dietary fiber 6.3g Protein 20.5g Salt 0.01 g

  • Origin Italy
  • EAN: 7640164291079
  • SKU: EXPLOR-7640164290614
  • Packaging text: DE, DK, EN, ES, FI, FR, IT, NL, SE

"Add some season's veggies, and you have delicious environmental-friendly everyday lasagne with a nice amount of protein!"

- Anni