Flaska Neo Design Bottle, Jeans, 0,5 l

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Flaska water bottle is a choice of high quality. A nice funky Jeans design. Made of programmed glass.


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Get your own Flaska drinking buddy!

Here's a life partner for thirsty moments! Flaska is a drinking bottle made of programmed glass that helps you to take care of your health and the environment.A drinking bottle made of glass is a really smart eco-friendly choice!

This Flaska Jeans beverage bottle has a protective sleeve made of neoprene that prevents the bottle from breaking and keeps the drink cool.

The size of this bottle is 0,5 liters.

This Flaska bottle has a protective sleeve made of silicone, which really allows for a firm grip on the bottle. Naturally, the silicone sleeve also protects the bottle from breakage.
  • Origin Slovenia
  • EAN: 3830053622914
  • SKU: SKU000000102