Agrumes Fragrance Blend, 10 ml

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A refreshingly fresh, organic fragrance blend that is good for your body and mind!


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Citrusy fresh combined with lovely ylang ylang and peppermint!

The top-quality Agrumes fragrance blend from the Florame range is a fresh and refreshing blend of citrus essential oils, peppermint and ylang ylang for a good feeling. It's suitable for use in a fragrance lamp or diffuser.

An organic choice that's good for your body and mind!

The active ingredients in this blend are Florame's genuine organic citrus oils of lemon peel, bergamot and orange essential oils - true feel-good essential oils. A touch of fresh peppermint and soft ylang ylang added to this enchanting citrus fragrance will bring real pleasure to your home. Delight the whole family and freshen up the home. 100% authentic, organic aromatic fragrance blend.

Try it and fall in love forever!
  • Origin France
  • EAN: 3516170001800
  • SKU: FLORAM-3516170001800