Essential Oil, Carrot Seed, 5 ml

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Carrots are known for their beneficial effects on skin preparing for the sun. You can use essential carrot oil with a base oil or day cream to treat your skin. When used in a diffuser, carrot grounds and calms.


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Carrots take care of the outside too!

Florame, Essential Oil, Carrot Seed, 10 ml.Carrot seed essential oil (daucus carota). In ancient times, carrot seed oil was known for its warming properties. Carrot seed oil is used to slow down the ageing process, especially in the treatment of wrinkles. Carrot seed oil gives your skin a healthy glow while preparing it for the sun. It's also known for its antioxidant properties.

Carrot seed oil is effective in treating a wide range of skin problems such as acne, eczema, burns, wrinkles and fine lines, tired and dull skin, dry and mature skin.

Tip: Mix 1 drop of carrot seed oil with 20 drops of base oil or add a drop directly to your day cream.

Carrot seed oil strengthens hair and prevents it from splitting. Carrot essential oil also aids digestion and liver function. In diffusers, earthy carrot oil is grounding and calming.

Not for use during pregnancy or breastfeeding, not for children under 7 years of age.

Instructions for use - How to use essential oils

Scented lantern and air freshener: Use essential oils to create a good atmosphere and freshen up the air in a room, for example in a humidifier. Add a few drops of essential oil to a water-filled fragrance diffuser. You can also add a few drops to a spray bottle of water and mist the room with a good fragrance. You can also spritz essential oil on sheets, carpets etc.

Shower or bath: Add 5-10 drops of essential oil to 1 tablespoon of cream or a solution of neutral shower soap, depending on your preference. Use the solution in a shower, bath or footbath to pamper yourself and your loved ones. Bath time 15-20 minutes.

Body Oil: Add a few (1-2) drops of essential oil to one tablespoon (approx. 5ml) of neutral skin care oil, according to your preference. Massage your body and mind in this way.

Sauna: A few drops in a small container of water on the sauna benches.

Facial beauty scrub and steam shower: Add 2-3 drops of essential oil to 1-2 litres of hot water and hold face under towel for 2-3 minutes.

Towel Baths: For cold or warm towel baths on the skin, use 1 to 2 drops of essential oil dripped on a dampened towel. You can also make an oil bath, e.g. for the face (1-2 drops per 5ml of base oil) by placing a damp towel on top.

Oil Perfume: Like perfume, apply - although very little - to your wrist and the back of your ear. In this case, make a dilution in jojoba oil, for example (10-20 drops of essential oil per 10 ml). You can also use a few drops of essential oil on clothes, not on silk.

Florame essential oils are Ecocert organic certified. Each bottle of Florame oil is labelled with the Latin name of the plant, the part of the plant from which the oil was distilled, the country of origin and the chemotype. This information is essential, especially for therapeutic and aromatherapy treatments. This information will help you to choose the right oil for your application.

100% organic chemo-typed Carrot seed essential oil

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