Essential Oil, Jasmine, Absolut, 1 ml

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Jasmine is a true women's fragrance that treats both the mind and the skin. Organic and chemo-typed, it is ideal for therapeutic use. This aphrodisiac oil is also a great way to enliven a relationship!


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Essential Oil, Jasmine Absolut, 1 ml. Organic Jasmine essential oil. Along with the rose, jasmine is probably the second queen of flowers, so well known are its effects on beauty and moods.

Jasmine is a sensual and feminine floral fragrance. In Central Asia and Persia, jasmine was cultivated as far back as the 1500s. At harvest time, the flowers are picked just before dawn, when they are fully open and the fragrance is at its strongest. The flowers are distilled as quickly as possible to capture the sensual scent.

The scent of jasmine is sweet, warm and floral, charmingly sensual and exhilarating. As a feminine floral scent, it's liberating, relaxing and uplifting. It's used to treat depression, among other things. Jasmine oil helps to deepen emotions and arouse sexual desire and is therefore also used to treat relationships. Its hormonal effects also make it suitable for treating menstrual pain.

In cosmetics, jasmine is the queen of skin care products, along with the rose, and is prized for its stimulating virtues and refreshing effects. Jasmine oil elasticizes and softens the skin. It's also suitable for dry and sensitive, even inflamed skin.

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100% organic jasmine essential oil
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