Essential Oil, Thyme Linalol, 5 ml

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Thyme is a wonderfully aromatic spice suitable for many dishes and its essential oil, when used externally, helps with many little problems!


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A symbol of courage and honour!

Florame, Essential Oil, Thyme Linalol, 5 ml. Organic, chemo-typed thyme essential oil warms and smells intensely herbal.

Thyme has symbolized courage and respect in times past. Its medicinal properties have been known for centuries. Thyme is known for its soothing, cleansing and antibacterial properties. Its essential oil has traditionally been used to treat mental and physical fatigue.

The herbal warmth of thyme eases rheumatic pain and joint aches. It aids digestion and promotes respiratory well-being due to its antiseptic properties. It also increases sexual desire.

Not for use during pregnancy or breastfeeding, not for children under 7 years of age.
100 % thyme essential oil.
  • Origin France
  • EAN: 3516170020641
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