Essential Oil, White Sandalwood, 2 ml

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The sandalwood is a fragrance of the mystical orient and warmth. There are many different types of sandalwood in the world, and the white wild sandalwood is known for its superior quality!


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Mystical and oriental sandalwood oil will enchant you with its fragrance!

Florame, Essential Oil, White Sandalwood, 2 ml. Organic, chemo-typed essential oil known for its warm, exotic fragrance. White wild sandalwood is known for the best quality available.

Also known from many Eastern Buddhist temples, the sensual, raw fragrance brings a harmonious and peaceful atmosphere to the room with its scent. For this reason, it has been found to reduce stress and naturally support meditation.

Exotic sandalwood also helps to lift mood. It is also used to treat bladder infections and respiratory infections.

In skin care, it's used for aging and sensitive skin. Also for inflammations and fungal infections.

White sandalwood is obtained by steam distilling the wood and has a spicy scent with hints of musk and rose.

Sandalwood essential oil is thick, so there is no drop cap and it must be dispensed with a pipette. We recommend Florame's own pipette bottle.

100 % organic sandalwood essential oil.

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