Rose Floral Water, 100 ml

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Rosewater brings your natural beauty for the whole world to see!


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Rosewater makes you flourish!

Flow Cosmetics Rosewater 100 ml is a daily moisturizer for dry and sensitive skin. It can be used as light makeup cleaning, attaching the makeup, and just refreshing flower water to the whole body and hair. The scent of natural rose pampers the mind, relaxes, and raises self-esteem! This aromatherapeutic scent also increases the feelings of love and happiness.

Rose is well known for its ability to calm sensitive skin, reduce redness, coupe rose, smooth wrinkles, etc. Rosewater comes out as a side product when rose is extracted from essential oil. It´s perfect flower water. 

Use as a toner, light makeup cleaning, body spray, light fragrance, deodorant, hair spray, nursing scalp and hair, calming the skin etc. Please notice that this is a natural product, so the scent of the rose may vary. 


Ruohonjuuri staff voted 2020 Flow Cometic to the best Finnish nature cosmetic series. It was considered to have huge-hearted professionals working with these natural cosmetic products. The product family has been renewed boldly, and it takes care comprehensively whole body in a transparent and trustworthy way. Flow Cosmetics all packaging materials are recyclable, burnable, and leave as little as possible waste. 100 % natural ingredients are certified or grown wild.  

INCI: ROSA DAMASCENA FLOWER WATER*, LEUCONOSTOC/RADISH ROOT FERMENT FILTRATE** * Certified organic raw material ** Occurs naturally in essential oil

  • Origin Finland
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"Saviour for sensitive and dry skin!"

- Suvi