Cacao butter, 750 g

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A top-quality choice in an economy-size bag!


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A top-quality choice in an economy-size bag!

Foodin Cacao butter, 750 g. 100% raw cacao butter is a fat extracted from cocoa bean seeds without additives. Cacao butter is made using the cold press method, where natural nutrients are best preserved. Cacao butter contains natural antioxidants that prevent rancidity and give a long shelf life.

Cocoa butter is a great, healthy addition to smoothies, pastries, and desserts. You can also make chocolate from it. The soft composition, sweet smell, and emollient property of cocoa butter make it a popular ingredient in skincare as well. Pregnant women have long used cocoa butter to prevent and treat pregnancy scars.

We warmly recommend also as couples massage "oil" in special moments!

Ingredients: Cocoa butter* * = organic

  • Origin Peru
  • EAN: 6430051821028
  • SKU: FOODIN-6430051821028