Flow cacao, 150 g

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Flow Cacao is a functional cocoa beverage powder blend that contains a nutrient combination that keeps you going! Not just regular cacao - test and feel yourself!


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The Flow cocoa gives you a smile and a vitality boost!

Foodin, Flow cacao, 150 g. The Flow Cacao is not just regular cacao, but it´s a fantastic blend that contains refreshing super maca, Curcumin, a strong lion’s mane, Chocamine extract made from cocoa (theobromine), and a delicious mix of various herbs.


Some days or tasks need a little bit more concentration and a sharp mind! Try instead of coffee and be impressed!


Maca (Lepidium meyenii) promotes physical and mental health

Curcuma longa supports nervous system.

Using Flow Cacao Powder: Stir in the warm milk or water of your choice. Flow Cacao contains little sugar - sweeten with honey, for example, if you wish. Also, try Flow Coffee and Flow Chocolate!

Health claims / EFSA:


M-2008-1061 3864 - Lepidium meyenii (Common Name : Maca) - Physical and mental health
M-2008-1061 4014 - Curcuma longa RHIZOME - Nervous system

Cocoa Powder *, Coconut Milk Powder *, Coconut Sugar *, Supermaca *, Instant Reishi, Instant Mann, Ceylon Cinnamon *, Cardamom *, Vanilla Extract Powder, Chocamine, Curcumin, Sunflower Lecithin, Sea Salt.

  • Origin Finland
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