Herkkuisa raw nut-chocolate spread, sugarfree, 230 g

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Chocolate spread that has no sugar, and yet it super delicious. You have to taste this!


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Chocolate spread that makes you jump from joy!

Foodin, Herkkuisa raw nut-chocolate spread, sugarfree, 230 g. Herkutella is an organic nut chocolate spread that contains nothing but the best ingredients! This fantastic treat suits everything! It has sweetened with erythritol, so it works perfectly for the low-carb diet. Use everywhere you want; only limits come from your imagination!

Hazelnut * (29%), coconut oil *, coconut flakes *, erythritol *, tapioca fiber *, cocoa powder *, coconut milk powder *, sunflower lecithin *, sea salt.

Näringsinnehåll / 100 g: Energi: 2 410,97 kJ / 576,79 kcal Fett: 55,66 g - reserve mattat fett: 9,69 g Kolhydrater: 5,29 g - reserve sockerarter: 3.17 g 22 g Protein: 13.68 g Salt: 0.18 g

  • Origin Finland
  • EAN: 6430051824579
  • SKU: FOODIN-6430051824579

"Aching sweet tooth and craving for desserts, calm down with a couple of teaspoons of this wonderfulness!"

- Suvi

"Suger-free Herkutella is the best thing ever!"

- Jasmini

"I think I can´t live without it anymore!"

- Mariele

"So soft that it melts in your mouth. Absolutely delicious. This true delicacy doesn´t need any advertising – just screw the lid open and let it go!"

- Salla