Paravegano, 120g

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With Paravegano you can spice up all your Italian delicacies the vegan way! Paravegano contains only five ingredients and is made in Foodin's factory in Finland. So Paravegano is a great alternative to traditional Parmesan in every way - try it and be amazed at how good it is!


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Paravegano spices up vegan risottos!

Paravegano is delicious and versatile, 100% plant-based and the first nutritional quality alternative to traditional Parmesan.

Paravegano can be used to season everything from Italian salads to pizzas, not to mention risottos. Paramesan challenges traditional grated cheeses with its excellent taste and really outshines other plant-based cheese substitutes..

Made from just five ingredients, Paravegano's gets its salty, cheesy flavour from nuts, seeds, nutritional yeast flakes and sea salt. Made in Foodin's food factory in Finland, Paravegano is an all-round alternative to traditional Parmesan.

Give the additive- and preservative-free Paravegano a try and prepare to be delighted and wow your dinner party.

Choose paravegano because food is supposed to taste good!

You can put the empty Paravegano bag in the plastic recycling.

Hazelnut, sunflower seeds, nutritional yeast flakes, Brazilian nut 5%, sea salt

Energy: 2368 kJ / 569 kcal


Fat: 45g


of which saturated: 5,4 g


Carbohydrates: 15,7g


Of which sugars: 1,6g


Fibre: 8.9 g


Protein: 25,8 g


Salt: 2.0 g

  • Origin Finland
  • EAN: 6430048232974
  • SKU: FOODIN-6430048232974