Raw Chocolate Coated Mulberry, 70 g

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A delicious, chocolaty fudge treat!


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A delicious, chocolaty fudge treat!

Raw chocolate-covered mulberries are a nutritious and tasty treat. The antioxidants of raw cocoa and berries combine to benefit both mind and body.Soft raw chocolate and sweet, chewy mulberries are a perfect match. The raw chocolate-coated berries are a nutritious and tasty treat.

The raw cacao in the raw chocolate is quite a winner!

Known as the food of the gods, raw cacao is a nutrient-rich food that will make your creativity blossom and put a smile on your face. Raw cocoa has been shown to increase feelings of well-being and promote relaxation. In addition, the nutritious and highly praised raw cocoa also helps with weight loss by increasing fat metabolism.

Ingredients. Dark raw chocolate (72%)* (cocoa powder*, coconut sugar*, cocoa butter*), mulberry*. *=Organic-produced

  • Origin Finland
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