White chocolate flavoured spread, sugar-free, 240 g ("White Chocolate" Herkkuisa)

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A deliciously tasty treat and without sugar! A vegan spread that makes you want to enjoy it on every snack.


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The white seductive spread!

Foodin, White Chocolate flavoured Herkkuisa spread, sugar-free, 240 g is an irresistibly delicious spread for white chocolate lovers. This spread is made only from plant-based ingredients, with coconut as its queen! This treat contains no sugar at all and is sweetened with erythritol! This treat is also naturally gluten-free.

A good life includes small treats as well as a healthy diet and a balanced life! Herkkuisa is ideal for the whole family, as there are no nasties like white sugar, artificial ingredients or sweeteners in this spread.


Foodin manufactures all its treats in Finland, in its own Vaajakoski factory, with strong experience and great passion.

Energy/Energy: 2,328 kJ / 553 kcal

Fats/Fett: 50.7 g

- of which saturated/reserved fat: 38.3g

Carbohydrates/Kolhydrater: 12.2 g

– Of which sugars/varav sockerarter: 3.3g

Fibers/Kostfiber: 14.2 g

Proteins/Protein: 6.5g

Salt: 0.2g

  • Origin Finland
  • EAN: 6430048230093
  • SKU: FOODIN-6430048230093