Birch & peat conditioner, 200 ml

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Fighting tangles with nature’s own means!


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Fighting tangles with nature’s own means!

Frantsila is a Finnish family-owned company and a pioneer in organic herb cultivation in the Nordic countries. Frantsila's operations are based on organic farming and thinking about sustainable development. Frantsila's goal is to promote human physical, mental, and spiritual well-being through high-quality natural products.
Raw materials and their purpose in the product:

Aqua = Water.
Acts as a solvent for herbs and as a carrier for active ingredients.

*Betula pendula= Birch sap.
Provides the product with micronutrients; minerals, vitamins and antioxidants.

Cetearyl Alcohol
Auxiliary emulsifying agent made from coconut fat. A mixture of fatty alcohols, cetyl and stearyl. Thickens, softens and cares for the hair.

Distearoylethyl Dimonium Chloride

Untangles the hair and makes combing easier. Makes hair soft and shiny. Eliminates static electricity. Made from stearic acid and cetearyl alcohol, which is in turn made from coconut oil.

*Urtica dioica
Nettle leaf, organic concentrated extract. Strengthens hair, prevents dandruff, hair loss and graying, strengthens the color of dark and naturally red hair. Revives blood flow to the scalp.

Cetearyl Olivate, Sorbitan Olivate

An emulsifier that moisturizes and protects the hair. Made from olive oil fatty acids and sorbitol.

*Triticum vulgare
Organic oil pressed from wheat germ. Nourishes and repairs the hair. Rich in vitamin E.

Sphagnum, Carex
Detox peat. Obtained from a depth of several meters, when the peat is already around 7,000 years old and formed from the decay of sphagnum moss and flat-topped bog moss. Strengthens the hair and treats the scalp.

*Plantago spp.
Plantain leaf, organic concentrated extract. Plantain treats, soothes and disinfects the scalp.

*Calendula officinalis
Marigold flower, organic concentrated extract. Revitalizing, soothing, heals skin tissue, make hair shine, treats dandruff.

Rosmarinus officinalis
Rosemary, an aromatherapeutic essential oil. Treats scalp by improving blood circulation in the skin. Thickens the hair and enhances hair growth, improves shine in dark hair in particular.

Cympopogon martini
Palmarosa, aromatherapy essential oil. This fresh, slightly rosy scent refreshes and nurtures the skin.

Citrus sinensis
Orange, aromatherapeutic essential oil. A fresh essential oil derived from orange peel to lift your mood.

Picea mariana
Black spruce, aromatherapeutic essential oil. Essential oil distilled from needles, which improves overall wellbeing

Pelargonium asperum
Geranium, an aromatherapeutic essential oil. A member of the rose family, geranium is prized as an oil that lifts the mood and cares for the skin.

Rosa damascena
Rose, aromatherapy essential oil. Rose is the most famous mood-lifting oil. It calms the mind and increases wellbeing.

Sodium Dehydroacetate
Sodium Dehydroacetate. Salt of acetic acid. Acts as a natural Ecocert preservative replacing parabens.

Sodium Benzoate
Sodium Benzoate. Salt of benzoic acid with an antiseptic and preservative effect. It is also used in food. It occurs naturally in plants such as lingonberry.

Lactic Acid
Lactic Acid. A natural pH control agent. Enhances NMF, the skin's natural moisturizing factor. Safe for sufferers from milk allergy.

Natural vitamin E. An important antioxidant vitamin that treats the scalp

*Betula pendula
Birch, floral therapeutic organic extract. Floral therapeutic extract of birch has an informative effect, strengthening and revitalizing overall wellbeing. Safe for those who are hypersensitive to birch pollen.

*Vaccinium myrtillus
Blueberry, organic extract for floral therapy. Blueberry auxiliary flower drops aid the uptake of nutrients by the hair.

*Urtica dioica
Nettle, organic extract for floral therapy. Strengthens the hair and overall wellbeing.

* = Organic ingredient."
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