Calmness Drops, 50 ml

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Drops for a stormy mind!


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Drops for a stormy mind!

Calmness drops are just the thing to calm the storm when your mind is too full.

The drops contain oat extract (Avena sativa), which is why this herbal extract balances both the mind and the endocrine system. It's used to support the nerves when feeling tense or overloaded. Calmness drops extract is calming and helps you fall asleep.

Calmness drops are perfect to enjoy before a tense situation. In addition to calming the nerves, avena sativa, or oat sprout extract, also calms the stomach, which can be in turmoil in tense situations.

Use: For adults, 15-20 drops 2-5 times a day with water. For a soothing bath, 20-80 drops. Works well as an internal support for Frantsila's Relaxing Spruce-Orange Bath Oil.

Please note that the recommended daily dose stated should not be exceeded.

Also, please know that this product is certainly no substitute for a varied diet (remember to chew well and eat mindfully anyway) or other healthy lifestyle habits.

Please keep this product out of the reach of young children.

Ingredients / INCI: Alcohol* Avena sativa (oat shoot, extract)*.* = organic. Final ethanol content: 52 vol-%.

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