Detox drops, 100 ml

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To support body renewal!


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To support body renewal!

Frantsila, Detox drops, 100 ml. Detox Drops put a buzz in the body and make it easier to feel. The cleaning tasks in the product are effectively handled by domestic herbs, e.g., dandelion, burdock and nettle. 

What an incredible life power in a small bottle! 

Dandelion also supports the health of the cardiovascular system, fluid and electrolyte balance, and urinary health. 

Burdoc (Articum lappa) promotes the health of joints besides digestion.

Nettle (Urtica doica), the superfood brings along a lot of health-promoting effects, besides helping with cleansing (Organism draining), it invigorates the whole body, takes care of our heart and veins, blood health. Nettle supports immune health and respiratory system and even promotes the health of joints and prostate!

Frantsila Detox Drops are effective in supporting regeneration and revitalizing the body's self-healing powers.

Try out and feel the lightness!

Dosage for Adults: 10-25 drops, 1-3 times a day.

Please Note: Do not exceed the daily dose that has been instructed on the package. Remember that a dietary supplement does not replace a versatile diet or healthy life habits. Please, take care that this product is always out of the reach of the children. Thank you!

Health claims / EFSA:
M-2008-1061 4489 - Taraxacum officinalis-Flowering plant-Dandelion - Purification

M-2008-1061 2803 - Dandelion root extract - Cardiovascular system

M-2008-1061 2816 - Dry extract of common horsetail summer shoots + dry extract of dandelion root - Fluid and electrolyte balance

M-2008-1061 3827 - Taraxacum officinale (Common Name : Dandelion) - Urinary health

M-2008-1061 4315 - Taraxacum officinale (Dandelion) root - Digestive system: Dandelion root possesses prebiotic activities that prove beneficial in the treatment of gastrointestinal disorders

M-2008-1061 2221 - Arctium lappa - common name : Burdock - Digestion

M-2008-1061 2222 - Arctium lappa - common name : Burdock - Renal elimination / Organism draining

M-2008-1061 2394 - Arctium lappa (Burdock) - Joint health

M-2008-1061 2152 - Urtica dioica (Common Name : Nettle) - Invigoration of the body

M-2008-1061 2177 - Urtica dioica (Common Name : Nettle) - Heart health

M-2008-1061 2346 - Urtica dioica - common name : Stinging nettle - Renal Elimination / Oragnism draining

M-2008-1061 2498 - Urtica dioica (Nettle) - Respiratory health

M-2008-1061 2732 - Nettle (Urtica dioica L.) - Vein health

M-2008-1061 3834 - Urtica dioica (Common Name : Nettle) - Invigoration of the body

M-2008-1061 3835 - Urtica dioica (Common Name : Nettle) - Joint health

M-2008-1061 3893 - Urtica dioica (Common Name : Nettle) - Blood health

M-2008-1061 3894 - Urtica dioica (Common Name : Nettle) - Immune health


Alcohol (alcohol)*, Taraxacum officinalis (dandelion root, extract)*, Arctium lappa (burdock root, extract)*, Urtica dioica (nettle leaf, extract)*, Trifolium pratense (red clover flower, extract)*, Achillea millefolium (yarrow flower, extract)*, Calendula officinalis (pot marigold flower, extract)*, Rumex ssp. (curly dock root, extract)*, Beta vulgaris (beet leaf, extract)*. 
* = Organic

  • Origin Finland
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"Number one of detox items! Easy to use and ingredients are finest herbs that make you feel fresh and lighter."

- Jasmini