Household Sweetener With Stevia, 450 g

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Your ticket to a sweeter life


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Your ticket to a sweeter life

Erythritol is pure erythritol made from grape sugar by a natural fermentation process, calorie-free sugar alcohol. Erythritol has a zero glycemic index, meaning it has no absorbable carbohydrates and thus does not raise blood sugar. Erythritol is suitable for all sweeteners like regular sugar - however, it is worth considering the longer lifting time when baking. Erythritol is ideal for diabetics, for example. Please note that erythritol may have laxative effects when used in large amounts.

Stevia is also utterly calorie-free sugar alcohol. It is 300 times sweeter than sugar and 100% natural. Stevia's glycemic index is 0.

Ingredients: Erythritol and steviol glycoside.

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