Kepeä Coffee Beans, 225 g

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An honest coffee with a balanced, delicately fruity flavour that is approachable and tasty for all coffee lovers and cats! This top quality coffee also rewards the farmer, so it can be enjoyed by all the senses with a full taste!


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Precise craftsmanship ensures a coffee with a pure taste.

Good Life Coffee, Kepeä Coffee Beans, 225 g.Kepeä brewed coffee is only available in our range and is a safe choice when you want responsible organic coffee that tastes good.

Kepeä has an approachable taste that suits all coffee lovers. The coffee is balanced and has a little fruitiness and sweetness, but still a real coffee taste.

Kepeä uses coffee from Good Life Coffees farms around the world. The coffee is grown using sustainable methods in cooperation with nature.

Kepeä 0.2 comes from Peru, Junin region, central Peru. We use the same coffee in our Tuhti and Kepeä coffees, but the roasts are different. The La Florida cooperative, where this coffee comes from, is behind the coffee and has been operating in the region since 1966. This sought-after batch of coffee is produced by 126 female farmers of the La Florida cooperative.

The coffee is hand-picked, after which the berry part is removed from the top of the beans. The coffee is then fermented for 20 hours before being dried under the sun. Hard craftsmanship guarantees clean and high-quality coffee. The coffee is a mixture of Catuai, Typica and Catimor coffee varieties.

Coffee, 100% Arabica

  • Origin Peru
  • EAN: 6430067741112
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