Tongue Scraper, stainless steel

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Tongue Scraper to crown your oral hygiene!


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To crown your oral hygiene!

Why on earth would I buy a tongue scraper? For example, as a really effective weapon against bad breath!

Tongue cleaner
- reduces bad breath by removing odour-causing bacteria from the surface of the tongue
- reduces the number of bacteria that cause caries and periodontal disease
- reduces plaque
- regular cleaning of the tongue improves the sense of taste
- ergonomic design and soft scraper part do not damage the tongue
- suitable for adults and children over 10 years of age

Do not press the tongue cleaner hard against the tongue. Use the same force as when brushing with a toothbrush.

Initially, there may be some gag reflexes, but this will disappear over time, making it easy to clean the tongue from the very back of the tongue. Initially, you can reduce the reflexes by holding the tip of the tongue with your finger.
- 1 - 2 times a day
- clean your tongue before brushing your teeth
- push the tongue out and pull the scraper gently along the surface of the tongue from the root towards the tip several times. Clean the centre first and then the sides.
- the other side of the cleaner can be used to clean the edges of the tongue
- rinse the scraper after each stroke and finally rinse thoroughly with hot water
- after cleaning, rinse the mouth thoroughly with plenty of water
- brush your teeth as normal

A surprising number of us suffer from bad breath - often without even realising it. Research suggests that around a quarter of the population suffers from bad breath from time to time and around 6% suffer from it for longer periods. In about nine out of ten cases, the cause is in the oral cavity, mostly on the surface of the tongue. These bacteria can be removed quickly and easily by brushing the teeth with a specially designed tongue scraper.

Odour is caused by bacteria living in the mouth, or rather by the metabolism they cause. Odour is produced when organic matter such as food debris, dead epithelial cells and salivary components are broken down in the oral cavity by anaerobic bacteria in saliva. The bacteria break down sulphur-containing amino acids to produce volatile sulphur compounds, which are the main cause of malodour.

The surface of the tongue is the area in the oral cavity where most (60-80%) of the bad breath bacteria grow. Bad breath occurs when bacteria multiply in the oral cavities or are not regularly removed. In addition to poor oral hygiene, bad breath is also caused by: damaged teeth, gingivitis, periodontitis or local infections such as thrush. Other causes may include low saliva secretion, breathing with the mouth open, snoring, medication, alcohol and smoking, or food particles in dentures.

Bacteria that build up in the oral cavities need to be removed frequently to avoid the odour they cause. This involves locating all possible places in the mouth where bacteria can live and multiply in peace.

The cause of bad breath is 90% in the mouth and we recommend that you consult a qualified dentist to identify all the causes of bad breath inside the mouth. This will include the repair of broken crowns and fillings, as well as caries lesions and periodontitis.

It is also important to use a daily tongue cleaner, clinically tested antibacterial mouthwashes and to clean the spaces between the teeth, e.g. with floss.

A tongue scraper designed for tongue cleaning is a much better solution than a toothbrush. A toothbrush can damage the surface of the tongue and is less effective at removing bacteria and dirt from the tongue.

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