Espresso Coffee Beans, 1000 g

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Espresso Coffee Beans for a coffee lover.


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For a coffee cat.

Gran Palomar Espresso is a speciality coffee with a pleasant smoky aroma and a balanced taste.

Gran Palomar is made up of a special selection of the best natural Arabica coffee beans, grown on the high slopes of the Andes in the rainforests of the Amazon region of the Incas. Growing areas range from 1200 metres to 1800 metres. International awards of recognition in Peru and France are a guarantee of the excellent quality of Gran Palomar.

The secret of Gran Palomar's exquisite taste lies in its carefully controlled production chain, from the Peruvian coffee plantations to Finland, from start to finish. Here, the coffee is roasted fresh and packaged with care and skill.

In addition to the excellent quality, this coffee is grown organically and sold under the Fair Trade principle. These characteristics make Gran Palomari one of the most attractive coffees in Finland and the world.

Shadow coffee: the choice for biodiversity

Did you know that all Gran Palomar coffees sold at Ruohonjuuri are shade-grown? They are grown in a biodiversity-friendly way, in the midst of nature, with trees shading the coffee bushes. Gran Palomar coffees are therefore not plantation coffees, i.e. they are not intensively produced in monoculture plantations.

Many of the other Cafetoria organic coffees sold at Ruohonjuuri are also grown high up in the mountains, where the coffee bushes grow slowly with less oxygen and are shaded by taller plants. The high altitude also protects the coffee from many pests.

By choosing shade coffee, you are doing your bit for biodiversity!

Dark coffee bean
  • Origin Peru
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