Espresso Ground Coffee, 250 g

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One-of-a-kind espresso!


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One-of-a-kind espresso!

Gran Palomar Espresso Organico is a specialty coffee with a pleasant smoky aroma and a balanced taste.

Gran Palomar consists of a special selection of the best natural Arabica coffee beans grown on the high slopes of the Inca Andes, in the rainforests of the Amazon region. Growing areas range from 1200 metres to 1800 metres. International awards of recognition in Peru and France are a guarantee of the excellent quality of Gran Palomar.

The secret of Gran Palomar's exquisite taste lies in its carefully controlled production chain from start to finish, from the Peruvian coffee plantations to Finland. Here, the coffee is roasted fresh and packaged with care and skill.

In addition to its original quality, this coffee is grown organically and sold under the Fair Trade principle. These qualities make Gran Palomar one of the most attractive coffees in Finland and the world.

Ingredients: Coffee (Varieties: Caturra (60%), Typica (20%), Pache (10%), Bourbon (10%))
  • Origin Peru
  • EAN: 6430021040053
  • SKU: GRANPA-6430021040053

"When I tasted this for the first time, I never wanted anything else! Test yourself this lovely coffee and prepare to lose your heart forever!"

- Sami