Sea Buckthorn Nectar, 250 ml

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Intensify health!


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Intensify your health!

This vitamin-rich seduction will seduce you - and you'll notice the effect immediately! Even a small shot of Sea buckthorn juice will get your morning off to a bright start - and your day off to a rising start. Whizz it into your mouth and get inspired too! Sea buckthorn nectar is a pasteurized whole-grain Sea buckthorn juice with lots of fruit pulp. Made from organically grown Sea buckthorn berries.

Contains, among other things, lots of vitamin C and trace elements. No added sugar. No preservatives.
Ingredients: Sea buckthorn (100%)
  • Origin Finland
  • EAN: 6430022481060
  • SKU: GREEN-6430022481060
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"Sea buckthorn berry is a crispy friend! Invigoratingly delicious drink just like that or mixed with water. Full of vitamin C!"

- Maria