Protein+Fiber Vegan Berry Mix, 300 g

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A plant protein powder developed in collaboration with gut health and microbiome professionals! The powder contains an amazing variety of fibers needed by the gut microbiome. And let's not forget the good plant fats and essential minerals and trace elements!


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Fiber up your belly!

The juicy berry VEGAN BERRY Mix is a vegan vegetable protein powder. It was developed in collaboration with gut health and microbiome professionals. A true superfood, containing staggering amounts of plant protein (27%) and fiber (20%)! Best of all, there is no added sugar, fat, salt or additives.

Vegan Berry Mix Vegetable Protein Powder is made up of plant protein from multiple sources, making it an incredibly versatile powder. The powder is made up of cereals, beans, oil plants and root vegetables.

With Gutly, you can make every snack a complete meal. It's a delicious vegan fiber supplement that provides you with an easy and varied source of fiber needed by your gut microbiome, as well as good vegetable fats and essential minerals and trace elements such as iron, potassium, magnesium and folate (folic acid).

INGREDIENTS: Buckwheat bran, oat bran, broad bean crush, hemp bran, lupine crush, blackcurrant, linseed, sunflower seed, pumpkin seed, beetroot, lingonberry, blueberry, sugarbeet crush.

Nutrition facts/100 g: Energy/Energy: 1469 kJ / 351 kcal
Protein: 27 g
Fat: 11 g, of which saturated 1,6 g
Carbohydrates: 37 g, of which sugars 8 g
Dietary fiber: 20 g*.
Salt: 0,03 g
Magnesium: 111 mg (30%) **
Iron: 3,4 mg (24 %) **
Potassium 424 mg (21 %) **
Folic acid: 74 µg (37%) **
Thiamine: 0.3 mg (27%) **
*) 30 g is about 3 tablespoons, containing about 20-24% of the daily fiber intake.**) from the reference value of daily intake.

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